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 ★★★★★ 4.9 (1372) reviews  +12000 orders
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          : ★★★★

I just finished up reviews Fern&Flora's on the carry-on (regular) and Metro backpack, now finishing up on the compression cubes.I have never owned compression cubes before, but I’m thrilled I’m starting with ones at the top of the competition. They stay up on their own when empty, allowing me to load items and keep them neat (without fussing!). I got the 8 pack made for their carry-on size. Biggest one; fits perfect for dress shirts and pants. Third biggest one, fits perfect for tank tops and shorts. Second to smallest fits great for underwear and PJs. Smallest one works for socks! With the 8 pack I would not recommend sweaters, might want to spring for the 6 pack as it includes a extra large compression cube.

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Valerie D.🇺🇸          : ★★★★★           

I bought my Monos Carry-on in Rose Quartz March 2022, and it was my best purchase. This bag has been so handy and useful for my many international trips. It’s perfect from overnight to 5 days. It unfortunately has been checked due to limited overhead bin space, but I have been able to get most scuffs off during the 12 trips I have been on this past year. Only complaint is if you spill hair oil or lotion in your bag it’s hard to clean the spots out (mine haven’t gone away). Other than that it’s a great bag! This is how my bag looks like after all my travels.

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louis O.🇫🇷          : ★★★★★           
Very convenient, the quality is super, as the picture. I recommend it. The order arrived unexpectedly quickly (France) about a week.
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Tanya M.🇨🇦         : ★★★★☆        
8pcs B Very good quality! Better than i expected! Arrived quickly. Includes 4 bags with lids (3 with see-through mesh, 1 non-see-through), 2 different shoe/etc bags, 1 simple thin small bag and 1 thicker smaller bag (the one with the airplane sign) which can be opened to hang, lower part of it is a bag with different spaces inside. Can't wait to start using them!